Laser Level Measuring Instrument

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Wall mounted instrument / level / line feeder / measuring level / laser pointer

Model: Laser LV03                              Material: ABS plastic
Color: Black                              Product specification: H:63mm W:35mm L:188mm
Laser wavelength: 650nm-680nm       Power supply: AG13 battery
Net weight: 172G                                Accuracy: 0.01

Four functions:
The first function: the laser level ruler can measure whether the plane is uneven or hanging pictures and so on. The LV03 laser level ruler can make three lines: a word line, a cross line and a hard line (also called the earth angle line).
The second function: the laser level ruler has a horizontal bead, can measure whether the level of the horizontal plane, LV03 laser level ruler also has a measuring angle of 45 degrees of water droplets.
The third function: the circle ruler in the laser horizontal ruler. (2.5 meters circle ruler, with inch scale).
Fourth functions: LV03 laser level ruler has scale (15cm, 6 inches) on the edge.
Additionally, iron absorption function can be added to the bottom of the laser horizontal ruler aluminum alloy.