Air Fryer Multifunctional Smart Electric

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Technical Details

Product description

♥Air Fryer♥

Heating method: hot air circulation
Power supply mode: AC
Applicable number: 6 people and above
Color: green
Capacity: 8L
★The heat circulation in the whole space of the top 11-blade wind wheel is heated by the built-in turbine fan to ensure the vortex of the heat flow and evenly penetrate the food at high speed, all cooked and delicious

1. Fine hole frying basket: filter grease, easy to clean
2. Powerful adsorption foot pad: stable body, not easy to be knocked down
3. High-quality ceramic non-stick pot, durable and healthier, get rid of the trouble of sticking pot, easy to clean

♥Restore the original flavor of the ingredients, and effectively retain the food fiber, easily make the deliciousness you want

♥Easy to operate

★Healthy, oil-free, oil-free intelligent cooking
The fast air circulation technology allows you to obtain the excess fat in traditional frying without further frying, so you can taste delicious dishes while reducing cooking time. In addition, cooking without cooking fume is healthier, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate delicious fried food and lead a healthy and friendly lifestyle.
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