Maifan stone pot set three-piece

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Product description:

Product Name: 3 sets of non-stick cookware set
Product features: non-stick pan, uniform heat, wheat stone non-stick process, long service life, safe and healthy, less oil and less smoke
Product material: fine iron + wheat stone non-stick process
Product size: soup pot 24*11cm; wok 32*10cm; frying pan 24*6cm
Use range: kitchen
Packing list: frying pan * 1 soup pot * 1 wok * 1
Maintenance Tips: 1. It is true that due to improper use of food bonding, you can use warm water + detergent concentration of 20:1, boil for 10-20 minutes in medium and small fire, the food bond naturally falls off.
2. Cooking heat: The non-stick pan has fast heat conduction and uniform heat transfer. Please use small to medium fire to achieve the ideal cooking effect during cooking.
3. Spatula selection: Please use silicone shovel, wooden shovel or other soft heat-resistant spatula. Do not damage the coating with sharp or metal spatula.
4. Ingredients selection: Minimize the stir fry of shells, bones and claw foods.
5. Cleaning care: Please wash with warm water or wait for the pot to cool and rinse with water.
6. Forbidden: × high temperature dry burning × metal object wear × hot pot cold water cleaning